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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 8, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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extreme heat. these guys didn't mind sweating for an afternoon run, but just a few minutes out in this stuff and it is soupy and awful. eating ice cream or carrying a water bottle and guzzling lots of it is the way to go. i'm wendy rieger sitting in for pat lasson muse. >> >> we tied a record. >> meteorologist veronica johnson is here to tell us how long this heat wave will settle on us. >> for a while longer. the heat has been excessive and the humidity has been nasty high across the area. looking at a shot here outside and yes, we did tie a new record for today. 98 degrees, that record going back to 1999. it was last wednesday, too, that we set a record. this now a third record high temperature of the year. take a look at the numbers across the area. so many locations and so many neighborhoods sweating right now. the temperatures ranging between 95 degrees in fairfax, fairfax,
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chantilly at 95 degrees and it's 98 and 97 from warrenton to fredericksburg, currently and 98 in waldorf, maryland. just cooler near the water right now. factor in the humidity and that puts our ratings in the triple digits, well above at 111 degrees and what it feels like down around staff ford county and caroline county and 106 to 104 from d.c. over toward clinton, maryland. how much longer will we have of this? another day of record-high temperatures coming our way tomorrow before we start cooling down. your good night forecast we'll be watching the temperatures ease on down into the mid-80s by 9:00 p.m. we're not going to have cooling rain coming our way this evening and into the low 80s by 11:00 p.m. to midnight. on the forecast, we have hot evening, major heat coming tomorrow and we'll talk about the point of rain and that weather system that will break the back of the heat coming our
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way the end of the week. i'll have more on that. wendy? >> thanks, veronica. these heat warnings are in effect now and they're also in place for about four dozen other cities across the east coast and the midwest and in several areas including maryland the high temperatures have turned deadly. jay gray reports. >> reporter: a brutal heat wave continues to challenge records and the resolve of thousands from the mid-south to the eastern seaboard. excessive heat warnings have been issued in dozens of cities. 90 or bet wher you step outside in downtown detroit with the concrete and asphalt around. >> the seering conditions aren't only a discomfort opinion the climbing temperatures can also be deadly. >> yeah, real sad. >> reporter: 75-year-old arlene white was found dead inside her memphis apartment. she apparently was not using her air conditioner. >> think she got caught up with the heat. >> reporter: in chicago human safety workers are going door to
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door to check on elderly res debtses. >> do they have the air-conditioning? do they have a fan? are they okay? do they have senior services in place? >> reporter: to make sure his family was okay, matt walsh loaded up the car whether the ac quit working in his home. >> i got a bulldog that was getting pretty hot, too. i had to ice him a couple of times and he is out in the car with my wife and kids, too. while in austin, police had to be called in to rescue this pup left in the parked car with the temperature climbing to 103 degrees. >> all of that heat resonates in there and builds up. >> across texas, it's not only hot, but also dry. >> we have 134 days without a half-inch of rain in the city of houston. >> reporter: and the official start of summer is still almost two weeks away. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. investigators believe a faulty air conditioner is behind a massive apartment fire in prince george's county.
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this blaze at the southern walk apartments in new carrollton started around 8:30 last night. eight people were rescued from their apartments including a woman and her infant grandchild. >> i tried to cover my granddaughter's case and she was crying so obnoxiously it was unbelievable. at that point the smoke had filled the room. i couldn't see, i was gagging and it was a total mess and didn't know which way i was going go. >> four buildings were damaged and 40 people displaced. the red cross is assisting those who need help. fire fighters have controlled a massive fire that destroyed a 120-year-old mill in rhode island. fire officials say residual heat from a blowtorch sparked this eight-larks large fire last night. one firefighter was injured. that mill was built in 1889 and at the height of the of its operation it was the largest rubber goods factory in the world.
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business leaders say they're beginning to weigh the historic and economic loss to the city. goodness gracious, snake's alive. animal control officers captured a copperhead in gaithersburg. the snake was picked up in the 100 park in the swanson lane of orchard park community. it's a reminder that residents should be on alert when doing yardwork and other outdoor activities. they are most active at dusk during summer months. copperheads and timber rattlesnakes are the only venomous snakes indigenous to maryland. >> if you're headed to gaithersburg or anywhere getting out of town, let's check with teresa wiltshire to see how the cars are moving. >> let's start on the outer loop at connecticut. there was an accident there and that is now cleared. traffic is still slow there, but as we go after connecticut, starting to loosen up a bit. we'll take you over to the american legion bridge. you're seeing that traffic is
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not going well. it is going slow and creeping as you're going across to the virginia line. 270 at montgomery village avenue, you're starting to get slow there. good news, 495 after 95 you're looking good and no delays on the woodrow wilson bridge. back to you. >> thanks, teresa. a new poll suggests president obama holds a double-digit lead over his potential republican rivals. today he capitalized on those numbers with a visit to northern virginia, talking about the budget, keeping the budget axe away from federal funds for job training. steve handelsman reports. >> what's your name? >> mike. >> reporter: at northern virginia community college president obama visited a program, a partnership with ford, gm and other u.s. companies to certify students in high-tech manufacturing methods. >> the goal is to make sure your degree helps you to get a promotion or a raise or a job. >> reporter: his goal is to keep education spending.
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when the big cuts come, the debt with our debt crisis. >> we've got to rebuild the middle class and a lot of that will have to do with how well we do in manufacturing. republican senators said there are too many federal jobs programs. >> we can't help to get america out of this severe, economic downturn. >> gop presidential candidate tim pawlenty took a shot. >> i reject president obama's view that we should be, have a declinist attitude. we should get the car of the economy out of neutral and get this thing going. >> reporter: who is swaying voters 17 months before the election? today's reuters/ipsos poll puts the obama approval rating up a point to 50% and finds he leads all of his possible republican rivals by double digits. mitt romney by 13 and he's the closest. barack obama says he'll keep pushing what he calls investments in the future. >> i don't think the answer is for us to turn back. i think the answer is to stand
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up for what this country is capable of achieving. >> reporter: but to stand up means to pay up for government jobs programs. programs republicans say we mostly don't need and especially now, they say, cannot afford. i'm steve handelsman, news 4, capitol hill. computer experts took the stand today at the casey anthony murder trial. anthony is the florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. today three forensics experts testified there were searches for the word chloroform on a desktop computer in anthony's home. chloroform can make someone unconscious. prosecutors are trying to prove that anthony used it on her daughter caylee who was found dead in a field three years ago. a dog handler also testified today that her k-9s picked up a scent of decomposition in anthony's backyard. a florida man claims he killed his father because he was on red bull. that was his defense and apparently the judge bought it
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because today he was found not guilty by reason of insanity and he'll be sent to a state mental hospital instead of standing trial for suffocating his father. drinking red bull with sleep deprivation can contribute to temporary insanity. five weeks after the death of osama bin laden his top lieutenant released a eulogy today. ayman al zawahiri is considered a contender to be the leader of the network. in this message zawahiri says bin laden terrified america while he was alive and would continue to do so in death. zawahiri also blasted the u.s. for burying bin laden at sea. delta air lines is facing a lot of heat because it charged a group of u.s. soldiers returning from afghanistan an extra bag fee because the soldier his to carry their weapons and they made them pay for it. they paid a total of $2,800.
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they were flying date from baltimore to atlanta and were so upset about these exfrom charges they posted a video on youtube. >> i've got too many bags. >> what do you mean too many bags? >> we have four bags and delta airline only allows three bags and anything over three bags you have to pay for it even though there is a contract with the united states government and delta air lines when returning from afghanistan while on military orders. >> apparently delta's contract with the government allows only three bags, not four that the soldier his checked and sergeant o'hare said that the extrapay bag he had to pay $200 to get on the airplane, that contained his tools. the contents an m-4 assault rifle, a grenade pistol and they're the tools he used to protect himself and afghan citizens while he was deployed and delta has reconsidered that policy. >> when we come right back on
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first 4 at 4:00, the first laid oat red carpet at the state dinner. we'll get the inside scoop from the washington post reporter. >> all of you, i'm putting you in my hearts so i'll never, ever lose you, i love you all very much. >> a lot of tears and a lot of laughter celebrating per diths vieira's final day on "the today show." look at her go. new developments in the sexting skandzal that rocked
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meredith vieira spent her
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last day today on "the today show." >> it was a big sendoff from matt, al and the whole gang after five years as co-host. >> welcome to "today" on a very bittersweet wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira and it looks like i'm leaving. >> i said you were going call in sick today. >> there's one song that kind of sums up the way we all feel about you. the song will be played by none other than the legendary carol king. >> oh i don't know what to say. >> hi, meredith. >> hi, caroline. >> it's been so amazing having you in our lives on a daily basis, but thank you for so many memories. ♪ ♪ ♪ you've got a friend yoet yoet. >> you have changed my life and changed all these people's lives and we will always, always have a spot in our hearts. you are the best. i love you.
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>> our door is always open. we are always your family. >> i have marvelled over the fact that with someone who has talent as large as yours how small your ego is. you've taught us all how to be great teammates and that's the gift i'll take away from you. >> and all of you, i'm putting my hearts so i'll never, ever lose you. i love you all very much. >> we love you, too. >> big moment there. the staff of "the today show" also re-created a viral video that first aired on today on november 7th, the song "i've got a feeling," it was a strong, steady cam. >> it was set to "don't stop belie believin believing" by journey. >> and see how the steady cam operator did. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good thing she doesn't leave every day. today veteran ann curry will take over as co-host and she starts remember, of course. >> we'll be interviewing her tomorrow, too. we'll have more of that and add reese witherspoon's name to the growing list of actors appearing in wedding-themed moves. she will star in a movie entitled "who invited her." it's about a woman who insists on crashing a guy's bachelor party getaway. witherspoon stars in the historical romantic comedy "water for elephants" now in theaters. >> something tells me some men wouldn't be upset if reese witherspoon crashed the party. first lady michelle obama will be appearing in an episode of i carly for increasing
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support for military families. the show has made the daughter of a military officer serving overseas. according to nickelodeon, the president and sasha and malia are fans of i-carly as well. the episode will likely air in january. so for the first time the obamas served dinner underneath the skies in the rose garden. a state dinner in honor of angela merkel. >> some of the food, following, merkel receiving the presidential medal of freedom. he was on hand for the state dinner. what struck you the most, dan? >> well, i -- i guess how tame it was. i wouldn't even call it a party. it was very formal, very cordial, very sedate. no sense of celebration beyond let's appreciate each other's kind of mutual mission toward freedom. it was kind of very formal. >> oh, really? but it was -- the pictures -- it
4:18 pm
looked beautiful. did you enjoy at least being outside in the rose garden with all of the little lights and stuff in it didn't look like the white house. >> it looked like the snazziest wedding reception i'd ever been invited to, i guess. it was a simple, austere design, very german and everything in harmony with each other and nothing over the top, silvers, whites and ivories. >> including the first lady's dress which was lovely. >> yes. >> and just beautiful. >> speaking of harmony. her dress was right in harmony with the decor. it was a naeem kahn gown. >> no flashes of chaos like that dinner that we recall, the salahis and so forth, pretty calm, but james taylor ghraibed lot of the spotlight. he sang the song we heard carol king sing. >> you've got a friend." america's mellowest singer and
4:19 pm
the song the white house requested was "you've got a friend" which embodies the angela merkel and barack obama relationship. >> she referred to him as barack. there's quite a first-name basis even -- they sort of dropped the protocol. >> not only barack, but liva barack and michelle. it was affectionate during the toast. it was unusual for them at least in the recent past. >> it was nice to see. >> where do you as a reporter covering it, where do -- do they have a pin for you guys? >> they keep it tightly controlled. we're allowed to see some of the arrivals and we're allowed to see some of the toasts and we're allowed to see some of the entertainment. we're talking minutes in a time. we're ushered in and we're ushered out just to get a sense of the vibe of what's going on, but the rest of the time we're in the press bunker listening over a pa system. >> did they show throw you a scrap of food.
4:20 pm
>> did they feed you? >> i had a granola bar from the vending machine. >> i did not -- >> no crab rav yoely. >> it was maryland blue crab and petite filet, the surf and turf thing. the first course was a chopped salad from the first lady's garden from the white house. there was tuna tartare from hawaii and from germany, apple truedel, but i can't tell you what it tasted like because i had a granola bar in the bunker. >> everyone will think you have a glamorous life. >> little do they know. our little secret right here. >> dan, thanks so much. enjoyed your article this morning. >> thank you very much. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, the sun uncorks a massive solar blast that leaves behind an incredible view. >> how long do we have to take this oppressive heat? veroni
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a solar flare sparked an eruption on the sun. nasa releasing video of it. the aim knowledges were recorded biaa an orbiting satellite. it was a large energy release
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that results in the sudden brightening over the sun, as you can see there. the flare is not expected to impact the earth although it certainly feels like it. >> that's what we're we're going to feel like tomorrow. we want to blame the solar flare for a while. >> i think we could. >> that's impressive. we're talking about another day of the record breaking heat. the record for tomorrow is 102 degrees. there might be a few other locations where the record is set, but the deal is we've got another day dealing with triple digit readings and we have a lot of locations and that is why we're talking about the fact that this really is lethal heat for the area because we want to take plenty of breaks and stay hydrated. this today now we've had five days of 90 degrees or hire for the year. we had two back in may and last year to date we had eight. to date, and remember last june, i know this was a hard win the tore get through, but last june we had a total of 18, and can it
4:25 pm
was a record hot june for us. let's hope we don't have to do that again this june. 98 is the current reading. factor in the humidity and it's at 39% and it feels like 106 degrees right now and not much of a breeze. it's at 7 miles per hour. throughout the area, they range in temperatures from 91 degrees to quantico to 95 in sterling and can as high as 98 degrees in d.c. the humidity is driving up the factor and the heat index values throughout the area well over 100 to 106 in d.c. to 113 degrees. so we have another day of this and in fact, some of the highest heat right here through the mid atlantic states and the heat index has had 100 degrees in st. louis missouri. another day of high heat throughout the mid atlantic states all ahead of this cold front that will be make its way slowly off to the east and no showers and storms around here tomorrow, but we do have a chance coming our way on friday and saturday.
4:26 pm
slow-moving cold front. once it gets in it will start stalling out. during the overnight period we will clear out and there will be a few clouds around the area tomorrow afternoon and still plenty hot. the evening hours here. tomorrow, the blue, showers and storms well west of i-81 and watch what happens on friday during the afternoon. the blue, the green, showers and storms. those will be coming into the area for friday and again on saturday, but the good news is the cold front will be allowing our heat wave to end by the end of the week. for the evening, temperatures falling off from the mid-90s to the upper 80s. sunset today at 8:32. tomorrow morning a very warm start between 70 to 74 degrees. we'll start sticky and end humid and very hot once again throughout the area. 96 to 100 degrees. friday's temperature, 94. the weekend right now, best day out of weekend looks as though it will probably be sunday with a high of 88 and not likely right now to see rain move through the area.
4:27 pm
go ahead. >> we'll take that. thanks, veronica. >> still to come on news 4 at 4:00, anthony weiner's political survival is on shaking ground. there is a new instrument teaching a loc
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>> and welcome back, everybody,
4:30 pm
at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger sitting in for pat lawson muse. it has been another day of apologies from new york congressman anthony weiner. he's calling his colleagues up on capitol hill, even former president bill clinton to apologize for his photo fiasco. >> so far none of weiner's fellow democrats have come to his defense. in fact, the first democrat in congress representative allison schwartz of pennsylvania is now demanding his resignation. kristin dahlgren has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: another day after his tearful confession and more democrats distancing themselves from representative anthony weiner. nidia velasquez wrote how can you explain that somebody can be so smart, but so stupid. senate candidate and former dnc chair tim kaine said lying about something publicly -- he should resign. they called on demes to pressure weiner to go.
4:31 pm
nancy pelosi should be the leader of her caucus to hit the bakes and go home. taken after he immediate mitted inappropriate relationships online shows 51% of new yorkers think he should keep his job while only 30% say resign. >> he does a good job, let him do his job. >> reporter: nancy pelosi has asked the white house ethics committee to investigate. >> the resource that were used in this kind of sexual contact he could face concerns or problems under the code of conduct of the house. >> reporter: but there are new allegations. tmz reporting weiner had an online relationship with former porn star ginger lee and offered to help her cover it up. >> cameras are showing up calling her family members and stuff like that. she is upset about it and asking him and he basically says, look, do you need p.r. advice. >> reporter: as for weiner's wife, the top hillary clinton aide left tuesday for a seven-day state department trip
4:32 pm
to africa. and so while we wait to see what happens next the majority of new yorkers say they do not want that to be anthony weiner running the city of new york. in that poll 56% said he should not run for mayor. on capitol hill, kristin dahlgren, news 4. actor alec baldwin may be running for mayor. the "30 rock" star is mulling over rung city hall. he's from massapequa, long island. heel end his career as jack don he in 2012. sony pictures has been hit by computer hackers once again and this time nearly 38,000 user his personal information stolen in an attack last week on sony's website. however, the company says today the stolen data includes names and addresses not credit card or social security information. sony's advising users to change their passwords as a precaution.
4:33 pm
the company's troubles began back in april when hackers attacked sony's playstation network. new troubles with the economy sent the stocks tumbling for the sixth straight day. the dow closing down 21 points to end the day at 12,048. the nasdaq off 26 points and the s&p 500 is off five points to close at 1279. the market has finished lower now five weeks in a row. if it happens again this week it will be the longest losing streak in nearly a decade. child cancer survivors are inspiring others to beat the odds as soon as they start eating breakfast. the children's miracle network is spotlighting three kids on boxes of kellogg's frost the flakes and pop tarts. haley richardson is one of them. she found out she had bone cancer at the age of 3010 and she started 30 weeks of chemo and had a section of her right leg removed. she never gave up hope and now she's helping others keep the
4:34 pm
faith. >> if someone with cancer comes into the store and reads my story or any of the other kids on the back of the box's story that will help them a lot. >> why do you think it will help them? >> because it will give them something to believe? >> reporter: the special food box are available at food lion. kellogg will donate $1 to the children's miracle network hospitals. >> police officers from around the state are lacing up today to help kick off the special olympics games in maryland. dozens took part in the torch run from hyattsville to townsend university where the olympic flame of hope was lit. it's the 40th anniversary of the games. they'll be held this weekend. more than 1200 athletes will compete. the london olympics are just about a year away now and today we're getting a sneak beak at the torch that will start that event. it's triangular and it represents the three times that london has staged the games. the first time was 1908. the second time 1948, but the torch's lacelike mesh design is
4:35 pm
getting criticism in london and throughout england. some say it looks more like a cheese grater or a mufrler. >> ooh, that could hurt. the holes are meant to represent the 8,000 people who carry the torch throughout the united kingdom leading up to next summer's games. kim kardashian was showing off her bling across the pond at the glamour awards. plus how homeland security busted a man
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we have a mama duck who has taken over the patio of a texas sports bar after laying seven eggs in a planter outside a club a few days ago the staff says they're making her as comfortable as possible feeding her bread and water. this is the second year in a row that the duck has taken over the bar's patio. they really like to do that. >> free entertainment for pat n patrons. the stars were out in london for the "glamour" magazine women of the year awards. >> kim kardashian took the top prize. the 30-year-old was named entrepreneur of the year.
4:39 pm
it's designed to salute inspiring and high-achieving women. singer stevie nicks received an outstanding contribution award. also in the mix the woman who sang at the royal wedding reception. she says it was an honor to perform for the duke and duchess. >> it was cool, yeah. really cool. just very -- just very honored and very -- just -- just thrilled, really. yeah. >> sarah burton, the woman who designed kate middleton's wedding dress won an award for that dress. the singer sang an elton john song. >> that's just kim kardashian. we had way too much of kim kardashian in that. >> can never have enough kim kardashian. the periodic table from your high school chemistry class got bigger. the fizzisists added two more elements. they don't have official names yet. they exist for less than a second before they decay. these new elements are added once every two and a half years. >> tweet that out.
4:40 pm
>> right. add those to my head that's bursting. up next on news 4 at 4:00, when it's hot out everyone tries to cool off even this huge animal. he took a dip, too. >> plus a local doctor comes up with a way to relief stress. ♪ and coming up tonight on nbc washington "nonstop," the pentagon's sweetest secret. the unlikely place members of the military are getting their chocolate fix. that's at 9:30 on nonstop sceneq
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>> a homeowner down in florida caught an unexpected black bear taking a dip in her hot tub. the bear was curious at first. before long he decides to jump in and get comfortable. eventually the homeowner scared the bear away. i take it that the hot tub was not on and the water was cool. >> can you imagine if it's this hot here what must it feel like in florida. >> with a coat on, right? >> with that fur. >> i don't want to know. normally we talk about during the summer when you have hot days around here normally we can wait for the evening to get outside and do a little something. >> right because the sun sets and it dissipates. >> no. >> not tonight or tomorrow evening. the thing s the grass, we haven't had rain in a while so the grass is starting to get a little dry. so if you're going go out and
4:44 pm
maybe a chance to water right before sunset or so, that would be a good time or around sunset to do -- to turn the sprinkler on really quick. we have a hazy sky out there right now as we take a look at the temperatures across the area. the heat index is currently at 106 degrees. i looked at the temperatures really quick before i moved over here, all through and up and down the east coast. we have the highest temperatures and the highest heat index values than anywhere else right now including down in florida. look. >> look at frederick. frederick is already 100. that's the air temperature, 90 degrees in leonardtown and 92347 fredericksburg and here's a look at the mid atlantic, richmond feeling like 100 degrees and feeling like 106 right here. another day of this and for the areas well off to the west around the mountains, there may be some afternoon cooling, showers and thunderstorms coming through the area, but we've got
4:45 pm
a better chance to get a little rain in here on friday. temperatures still on friday will be in the 90s. it's not until the weekend that we'll see those highs drop into the 80s. for the evening again, by 9:00, 84 degrees and the flowers still need a little bit of water and a good chance or opportunity to wait until then. 74 to 75 degrees and cooler locations, frederick and mt. erie and winchester, too, and 65 to 68 degrees. that's starting out tomorrow morning and like today, we will be warming very quickly, getting up to a high tomorrow of 99 to 100 degrees and that, of course, means that it's likely to feel like we're around 111 to 116 degrees or so. friday the same deal. we take a bit off that heat and a better chance of rain for the area and not widespread rain for saturday and 60% chance that we'll have scattered showers and thunderstorms and sunday is your dry day with a high of 88 and the opportunity for more storms,
4:46 pm
but staying in the 80s for the first part of next week. so i've just got to get through another day of this. >> and night. thanks, veronica. >> stress can contribute to a lot of health problems from high pressure blood pressure to diabetes. >> one doctor is helping people control their nerves and anxiety with teaching them to relax. >> it's a terrible feeling. anxiety is horrible. the world seems dangerous. >> reporter: for william stress is a constant fight. the d.c. college professor says simply watching the news can make him feel so uncomfortable that he has a tough time sleeping. >> well, things can trigger it like when the chilean miners were trapped underground it terrified me. my primary care physician told me we can give you sleeping pills and medications or learn how to relax. >> reporter: he chose relaxation, but for most people that's easier said than done so he saw another doctor, mchale
4:47 pm
kogan, an internist who specializes in integrated medicine. >> we give probable 50% of patients with some kind of major stress problem. he suggested he call the em wave device, a pocket-sized machine that measures heart rate variability. >> i'd like to call it the sixth or seventh vital sign. it shows the changes in the heart rate, instantaneous changes in the heart rate and there is a pattern that's a health pattern and patterns that are not healthy. >> heart rate variability measures the auto nomic nervous system which controls functions bike blood pressure and digestion. that's why we often have a hard time sleeping or eating when we're in a stressful situation. >> so the device the mwave helps us to measure patients with the auto nomic nervous system in real life and see how we can balance it with different practices. >> those practices are typically
4:48 pm
breathing exercises so a patient can hook the em wave device up to the body and then work with the very specific breathing pattern. the device flashes red when their auto nomic nervous system is off balance, but after a few minutes it will turn green meaning the nervous system has relaxed. >> it put you into a different state of mind. william halal has been using the device for four months now. he says he's become more a wafer his breath on a daily basis helping him control his stress and anxiety. he no longer has high blood pressure and has stopped taking medication for that. >> i'm just aware of the way i put myself into a state of stress and i try to calm it down. >> hopefully he's watching the news again. dr. kogan says this device isn't an instance fix to stress. you have to practice every day and it takes six to eight weeks before you really feel the effects. well, still ahead on news 4, police make a major mafia bust
4:49 pm
overseas. plus the feds shut down a fairfax county business' illegal operation at night. and coming up on news 4 at 5:00, a local student is taking her graduation to battle to court. would a judge let her walk even though she doesn't meet the requirements to get her diploma. a tool to help the hands of time. a vampire facelift. how they're using your own blood to restore your wrinkles and gain the youthful glow. new concerns for pet owners. why the heartworm medz ficine f dogs may not work for your pet.
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italian police have arrested a major mafia player in the kamara crime family. the businessman is accused of making money by controlling waste removal and incineration. authorities seized four garbage companies, 65 vehicles, 20 bank accounts and $75 million in assets. prosecutors said the arrest came after several mafia hitmen shared information after being arrested. a greek teenager is in custody accused that he hacked into u.s. government websites. the suspect was arrested today in greece after a two-year investigation by french and american authorities. during a raid in his athens home
4:53 pm
police took computers, shotgun cartridges and a homemade bomb. they believe he was creating botnet, a group of infected computers. investigators believe the hacking took place between february of '08 and '09 when the suspect was just 16 years old. still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, how homeland security busted a man rung an illegal late-night business in northern virginia. >> for your news be sure to follow online, search nbc news on facebook and twitter.
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"access hollywood" test "access hollywood" test "access hollywood" test "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test.
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"access hollywood" test. >> it's a business that booms during the overnight hours. women are called to entertain men in the back rooms of restaurants that have been turned into karaoke bars. >> now one of those businesses in anon dale is shut down and its owner headed to federal prison. craig melvin has the story. >> reporter: from inside korean cafes and karaoke bars like these along little river turnpike in anondale. oftentimes they were calling taesan won, he had the women. >> flirting, dancing, talking,
4:57 pm
keeping someone entertained for an hour at a time. >> reporter: according to court documents sometimes the women did more. he started a business called doumi and business was good. won was raking in between $3,000 and $4,000 a month and there was a problem with honey. >> a business where he hires girls and young women who were all for the most part here in the united states illegally. >> reporter: won pled guilty tuesday to harboring illegal immigrants. the 37-year-old south korean admitted he knew six of the women had tourist visas and travel visas and were working in the country illegally. he used korean websites like these to advertise. a few of the women lived here in his home with him and put up others in the nearby apartment complex. they found out about the whole thing when won himself tipped him off. >> he came to us almost a year ago with the intent of wanting
4:58 pm
us to have us work investigations against his competitors. >> reporter: craig melvin, news 4. >> that does it for news 4 at 4:00. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. >> tonight on news 4 at 5:00, dozens of families homeless, prized possessions lost, and we now know what's to blame for this destructive apartment fire. a local high school senior takes her case to court. she's asking a judge to allow her to attend graduation even though she hasn't finished all of her school work. more fallout from congressman anthony weiner's racy tweets. who else is stepping in demanding that he step down after the sexting scandal. >> good evening, everybody. welcome to news 4 at 5:00 tonight, i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. we begin tonight with the extreme heat gripping our region. outside it is hazy, hot and
4:59 pm
humid and it is going to be this way for a while. the sweltering temperatures have broken records and profrmenting an advisory for our entire area and tomorrow it could be even worse. we have team coverage. let's get right to doug kammerer tracking these conditions for us. >> tomorrow could get worse because it will start off hot and humid and it started off fairly nice until around noon and the heat really kicked in. outside right now, 98 degrees and that does tie our record of 1999. baltimore has beat their records 98 degrees there and the ridiculous was 97. >> look at dew point. 70-degree dewpoint, that is the warmest heat index we've seen so far this summer. it is one hot afternoon. current temperature right now, frederick maryland coming in at 100 degrees, and 92347 manassas and la plato right now 9. cooler along the bay, rather, annapolis coming in at 97. we do have the heat


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